There is an ongoing Registered Gas Installer (RGI) Programme to raise awareness among the industry and general public of the existence of the Register of Gas Installers.

The Register of Gas Installers is an important safety initiative by the gas industry to promote to the general public installers who can meet the registration requirements and to assist the public when selecting an installer or service agent to do gas works.

This register as currently listed by Bord Gáis provides peace of mind to customers when they are selecting an installer to have a gas appliance installed, serviced or repaired.

All RGIs:

  • hold a recognised gas safety qualification
  • are trained in the Irish Installation Standards
  • hold public liability insurance for the gas work they undertake

Bord Gáis currently maintains the list of Registered Gas installer in order to meet is obligations under its Natural Gas Licence as issued by the Commission for Energy Regulation. The Department of Communications Marine and Natural Resources brought forward the recently enacted the Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2006. Since the enactment, the commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has been implementing the legislation.

The implementation of this new legislation together with the RGI Programme has significantly improved the safety and accountability for all those working on natural gas installations. In November 2008 the CER appointed the Register of Gas Installers Ireland (RGII) as the new Gas Safety Supervisory Body. The RGII will carry out the required functions of installer registration and the regulation of installers with respect to safety.

After June 2009, when remaining regulations are put in place by the CER it will become an offence to carry out gas works on domestic natural gas installations unless registered with the RGII.

The key promotional materials used in the RGI Awareness Programme can be viewed below. To download the radio or press material, click on the relevant links below .